DEA DC Traction Power – GRIP 4

Following completion of the GRIP 3 Option Selection, Navitas Engineering was commissioned to produce the GRIP 4 Single Option Development of the proposed trackside slave contactors. This comprised an extensive suite of electrical design deliverables, including:

  • Site surveys;
  • Constructability assessment and methodology;
  • Outline functional interface design;
  • Earthing and bonding strategy;
  • Outline cable route drawings;
  • Outline site layout drawings;
  • Outline equipment layout drawings;
  • Negative bonding diagrams;
  • Negative operations diagrams;
  • Cable block diagrams;
  • LVAC calculations.

This work was delivered successfully and has enabled a successful delivery of the subsequent GRIP 5 design.

Grip 4_smaller

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

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